Branch a Site

Branching lets you work in a copy of your site so that you can apply all the changes at once to your original site

Primo doesn't have native branching functionality (yet), but it's possible to achieve similar functionality with a little more work. Assuming that you have an existing site you want to branch:

  1. [Duplicate the site](#)

  2. Apply all your desired changes in the new site

  3. From the branched site's repo, copy site-primo.json and overwrite site-primo.json in the original site's repo.

You can delete the new site or use it the next time you want to branch one of your sites.

Hydrating a branch site

Whether you want to hydrate a branch site or use it to as to branch another site, you can copy site-primo.json from the source repo and overwrite site-primo.json in the branch site's repo.