primo sites are developed and managed component-by-component (compared to file-by-file).When you're ready to publish your site, choose a hosting provider of your choice.

Developing your site

Start developing your site immediately and use TailwindCSS and JS modules out of the box. Build and integrate components in no time.

Managing your site

Invite anyone to easily edit copy right on the frontend using Markdown (or the toolbar) and update component data in clearly defined fields.

Publishing your site

Publish your lightning-fast static site to your host of choice and don't think about it again until you want to.

Get some help

If you run into an issue with the application or need a hand with something, try asking in the #help channel in the primo Discord, somebody might be able to help.


The self-hosted version of primo is still a work in progress. If you'd like to help make it a reality, or help out with primo itself, feel free to open an issue in the self-hosted repo or the primo repo.