Duplicate a Site

Duplicating a site exactly copies all of its component code, Symbols, pages, fields, etc. into a new site. This is most useful when wanting to use an existing site as a starting point for a new one.

Primo doesn't have native duplication functionality (yet), but it's possible to achieve the same functionality with a little more work. Duplicating is simplified by the fact that an entire primo site is represented in a [single JSON file](https://docs.primo.af/how-it-works/just-json). These instructions assume you already have a site you want to duplicate (i.e. the source).

  1. Create a new blank site in primo

  2. From within your source site's repo, copy the contents of site-primo.json

  3. Paste them into site-primo.json in the new site's repo (overwriting the entire file).

When you refresh your new primo site, you should see an exact replication of the original site. When you save it, changes will be saved to the new repo (as you'd expect).